Kunsthaus Rapp, Wil  Schweiz


Galleri Arctandria, Oslo Norway


Kunsthaus Rapp, Wil  Schweiz


Anfinsen Kunst, Hønefoss
Kunsthaus Rapp, Wil
Galleri Arctandria, Oslo


Galleri Bram, Habro
Kunsthaus Rapp, Wil
Galleri Tapper-Popermajer, Teckomatorp
Anfinsen Kunst, Hønefoss
Galleri Arctandria, Oslo


Art Fair Herning, Herning
Galleria Gagliarde, San Gemignano
Galleri Bram, Habro
Kunsthaus Rapp, Wil
Craighead/Green Gallery, Dallas
Herning Art Fair, Herning
Art Copenhagen Fair, Copenhagen
Kolding Art Fair, Kolding


Kolding Kunst messe
Bouwknegt Contemporary, Amsterdam
TEFAF art fair, Maastricht
Blackheath Gallery, London
Galleria Tapper-Popermajer, Malmö


Copenhagen Art fair
Immanuel Church, Stockholm
Galleri Vivendi, Paris
Herning Art Fair
Art London, London
Galleri Roenland, Hønefoss


Swedish Chruch, Brussels
Swedish Church, Rotterdam
Margaretha Church, Oslo
Flämslätt Stiftsgård
Rättvik Stiftsgård


Växjö Cathedral
Tallnäs Stiftsgård
Åkersberga Stiftsgård
Stjärnholm Stiftsgård
Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala


Uppsala Botanic Garden
Weibulls Hammanhög
Vårdnäs Stiftsgård
Kastlösa Stiftsgård


Stockholm Art Fair


Binneberg Museum, Skövde
Art Fair Pordenone, Italy
EUROPE´ART – Art Fair, Geneve


BICAS – Brugge Art Salon, Brugge
LIBR´ART – Art Salon, Libramont Belgien
LINEART – Art Fair, Gent

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