December Immanuel Magazin “Icons became Ludmilas´ way of life” by Catharina Sundqvist

28/11 Lidingö Tidning “Art from a spiritual persuit” by Martin Alm
10/1 BLT “Ludmila is speaking in color and stone” by Jane Betts
April Nära “Icons which affect You” by Hanna Hedvall
June The Church Review, Dublin “Icons in transformation”
29/1 Hereford T. “Cathedral as host to a unique exhibition” by Philippa May
20/2 SLA “Classical icons and contemporary works” by Anna Warner


21/11 Sydöstran “Ludmila makes her art from her life” by Margareta Andersson
August Kunstavisten “The beauty revelation” by Kristian Jensen
25/6 SLA ”Russian artist found home for art in Tidan”
July Uit in Arnhem “Kijken met je hart” by Anja de Crom
Nordjyske Stiftstidende ”Russian art about Svandinavia” by Jesper Ramsing
12/7 Hallands Nyheter “Contemporary icons” by Jan Helleberg
13/6 Mariestads-Tidning “Artist found stillness in Tidan”
22/2 Smålands Posten “In Your eyes”


11/8 Amtavisen “Believe, hope and love” by Lisbeth Stryhn
10/9 Norrköpings Tidning Interview by Mats Granberg
10/2 Barometern Interview by Gunilla Petri


7/11 Värmladsbladet Interview by Lena Bonnevier
5/10 SLT Interview by Karin Kvarnlöf


15/10 Hälsinge Kuriren Interview by Maya Halldén “Exciting contrasts in unique art”
30/3 Ringblad Interview by Knut Ramsund “Art alive in three dimension”
25/9 Hamar Bladet Geir Vestad “Exhibition of icons at Art Society”
6/9 Rakkestad Bygdeblad Interview by Kristin Fredriksen “Russian drama at Art Society”


9/9 Partille Tidning Interview by Tomas Olsson “See light in darkness”
10/10 Oranienburg Algemeinde Interview by Rene Wernitz ”Space for inspiration”
10/11 Helmstedt Blatt Interview by Jurgen Paxmann
11/10 Neue Oranienburger Interview by Heiko Hohenhaus „Not only one dimension“
10/5 Skövde Nyheter Interview by Louise Clausen “Ludmila’s art as mirror of life”
23/4 Örebro Kuriren Interview by Jenny Allvin “From Paris and Stockholm to Hallsberg”
23/10 Kyrkans Tidning Interview by Anders Hagman “The right place for an icon”
15/9 Arvika Nyheter Interview by Sven Smedberg “Russian splendour and suffering”
2/9 Oslendingen Interview by Knut Fjeld “With icons to the world”
10/6 Halden Arbeiderblad “Icons at Kornsjø” by Thorkil Lindskog


20/3 Jönköpings Posten Interview by Cecilia Sjöberg “A visit of a well known artist”
2/4 Ringblad Interview by Anne Christensen “”Pieces in an art puzzle game”
10/3 Arboga Tidning Interview by Björn Johansson “Ludmila is enticed by faces”
24/4 Nerikes Allehanda Interview by Lars-Göran Månzon “Sweden become a turning-point”
21/10 Emmaboda Tidning Interview by Anders Karlsson “Ludmila treat grief through her art”
24/2 Folket (S) Interview by Barbro Ergettie “She blow up the borders with her art of light”


3/5 Rotterdam Plus (NL) Interview by Joep van der Pal “Exhibition of Icons in transformation”

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"The exhibition at Dronninglund Kunstcenter is so good, it gives you goose-pimples!" Jørgen Ingvarsen/Nordjylland Post

"Ludmila is taking us on a journey to the world of icons." Jan Nordström/Folkbladet

"It is a natural gift, a great talent and trained artistic ability which Ludmila shows at Ronneby Konsthall." Margareta Andersson/Sydöstran

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Anna Söderqvist 2008 1/11
Jane Betss 2009 10/1
Martin Alm 2009 29/11
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