I work somewhere between painting and sculpture which I call three dimensional paintings and where I expand the conventional boundaries of the media. During summer of 2000 I worked with limestone from Sweden together with several sculptors. This exchange of knowledge and our discussions gave me the incentive to begin working three-dimensionally using a combination of painting and sculpture. During that time, I also started cooperation with a Swedish producer of plywood “Vänerply”, to develop raw material for my works on wood instead of canvas.
Art for me is the principal, connecting link between concrete world – LIFE and the illusory one. It reflects especially in my latest works under a theme “Letter to You…” where I express my thoughts in Swedish, Russian and English and put it in writing on my paintings, sculptures and installations. My works reflects not only the splashes of emotions like despair, suffering, delight, and recklessness but also the movement of LOVE… SPIRITUALITY… TIME…. Since my mother died suddenly I have been able to work through sorrow with help of my painting. This short step between life and death sharpened my awareness of the existential issues of life and my subjects took on an ethereal aspect in the form of contemporary “icons”. In my art I also use the icon symbolism of colours  – especially:
Blue, as the colour of the sky – the mystery of divine life.
Red is firstly the symbol of life
Gold, the divine light – not regarded as a colour but as a form of light.
My reliefs do not realistically represent any events or figures; rather they make sentiments and feelings visible or a moment of truth life. They can interpret subjects in their own way by using a wide plethora of colors, ranging from dark drama to the poetry of spherical light or just in intensive minimalist red/blue. The titles are meant to guide the observer, but they also offer freedom of interpretation using one’s own reference points. The point of departure is a Vänerply wood panel or box whose proportions and angles accommodate the composition; each piece is designed and cut individually for each work. The dimensions are from small rectangular 30cm x 30cm x 10cm; 40cm x 40cm x 10cm; up to monumental sculpture up to three meters. I employ stone fossils, precious and semi-precious minerals and metals with a thick and thin texture of various kinds of acrylic mediums to give structure to the wood surface; together with a few layers of painting paste on wood panel; I build surface texture up to 5 cm. This becomes the foundation for the attributes that give the subject character. In my last works I am writing (physically) on my works describing my thought/dreams/experiences in Swedish, Russian and English language.
To create and capture a light has always been the most difficult and greatest challenge to artists through the centuries. In Scandinavia sunlight is synonymous with life. My resent exhibitions are my attempt to capture it in my own way.

My paintings have taken form and sit on the wall, floor or hanging from the roof as objects, or leave the space altogether to occupy their own place.  Each piece is a journey in LOVE….. SPIRITUALITY……. TIME…….and flows from my 45 years of gathering and lifelong experimentation with color, texture and form.

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"My resent exhibitions are my attempt to capture Light in my own way."

Each piece is a journey in LOVE….. SPIRITUALITY……. TIME…….

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