How is it to be 100% SCANDINAVIAN; Swedish/Danish or Norwegian and 100% immigrant and still reserve an artist own identity?

I have has been working during last few years, trying to answer the question: how is it to live in Scandinavia today and live in two worlds. The exhibition shows my own experience, thoughts and views through landscapes, portraits and “writings”. It makes the exhibition subjective and personal – which meant to be. It does not represent a view of all immigrants; instead it shows an insight in a live of unusual usual Scandinavians´ world. It’s one of many pictures of Sweden, Norway and Denmark from my point of view. In an age when we are bombarded with flawless images of youthful beauty it is no wonder that an artist is seeking to portray the face/identity in new ways. Replacing clarity with blur, the split-second with the elastic moment, I question the notion of a fixed identity, of the face as ‘the window to the soul’, of what constitutes beauty, of faith in absolute truth. My new exciting portraiture, with its focus on what is revealed rather than what is concealed. Scandinavian landscapes, portraits are mixed with “writings”; a composition of a letter to a person on paintings, sculpture and installation on wood panel. There is an interplay where ”a talk is going on….” Works are from 30m x 30 cm x 9cm up to five meters and are placed in various format.